Uncle Chris

When we were young, I used to threaten my older sister with the thought of me being the uncle to her children.

Well, things have changed since then, and I’m proud to say that this morning, I became an uncle for the first time.

Joshua Hinton Suggs

Joshua Hinton Suggs, born 09:18 2004-06-17, 7lbs 8oz.

Uncle Chris, indeed.

5 Responses to “Uncle Chris”

  1. Brian Vargas says:

    I am sure that, after you married Katie, the threat morphed from you being an uncle into her being an aunt. “Crazy Aunt Katrina” has a nice ring to it.

    In any case, congratulations!

  2. mom says:

    You and Katie will be the best Aunt and Uncle ever!!
    Dad and I are proud of our growing family. What fun we have in store for all of us!

  3. Kenneth says:

    I totally echo Vargas’ comments!

  4. Big Sister says:

    While I admit to having had reservations in the past about you as an uncle and, therfore, a role model for my children, I must admit that yiou’ve grown into a fairly normal human being! I’m happy to have you as a brother and an uncle for Joshua, I’m really pleased that you made the time to come visit us so soon after his birth.

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