Ridin’ Along in my Automobile

Over the Labor Day weekend, a few friends and I rented a cabin on the Shenandoah riverfront and whiled away the weekend grilling, playing cards, and laughing at Bill whistling on all-fours, and Kasey smaaashing bugs.

Fortunately for Bill and Kasey, there was something even funnier, and more unbelievable that we witnessed that weekend. That thing was this dude driving his pickup down the middle of the Shenandoah river.

Image of some dude driving his truck down a river.
No particular place to go

There’s a video that I got during the whole thing, but I still have to get it from the camera’s owner (only got the pictures so far). Follow the picture-link to see more pictures.

And yes, he was just driving down the river… as if it were a regular road, albeit with continuous speed bumps.

Update: Here’s a google maps link to the place where we were staying: Cabin Map. If you zoom out one level and choose the map/satellite hybrid, you can see the area of the river where this dude was. We were on the southwest side of the river, and the island in the map was directly across the river from us.

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