I Got a Dog, B


This week, Katie and I got a new dog. He and his littermates (8 brothers!) were born on Saint Patrick’s day, so we decided to give him an Irish namd: Paddy. His mother was a rather large Puggle, which is a mix of a Pug and a Beagle, and his father’s breed is unknown. He looks much more like a Beagle than a Pug, but he’s got a slightly smaller muzzle than a regular Beagle would normally have.

We got Paddy from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, which is a small-animal rescue organization which gets many of its dogs and cats from other rescue organizations in areas which are more rural and maybe don’t have as many potential adopters around. If Paddy looks cute to you, maybe you want to adopt one of his brothers (this link may no work after a while).

Paddy Loving

We’re expecting him to grow maybe 10 lbs heavier (he’s about 20 lbs right now), so he’s the perfect size for our apartment and lifestyle: not so small he’s a fashion accessory, and not so large that he needs a lot of space.

He is very friendly, and has a long tongue that will find your neck and face quicker than you can say “good boy!” He’s kind of a scardy-cat right now; we’ve had him for fewer than 72 hours, so he’s still getting used to his new surroundings, the new schedule, etc. I’m hoping that he’ll become more outgoing as time goes on, but right right now he’s a complete angel.

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