Backbreaking Futility as Relaxation

For years, my family has taken a vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusettes. My only requests for activities have been: Eat Seafood (especially Lobster) Build sand castles The second activity is pretty much more of a requirement than the first, and I need to spend every possible day on the beach busting my butt building aContinue reading “Backbreaking Futility as Relaxation”

Uncle Chris

When we were young, I used to threaten my older sister with the thought of me being the uncle to her children. Well, things have changed since then, and I’m proud to say that this morning, I became an uncle for the first time. Joshua Hinton Suggs, born 09:18 2004-06-17, 7lbs 8oz. Uncle Chris, indeed.

For convenience, $1.00 gives 1 hour

I live in Arlington, Virginia (USA), which is a pretty nice suburb of Washington, DC. I’d always wondered how they kept the county going with all of the services they provide, knowing how costly running a county is. Well, now I know. Apparently, Arlington County tricks unsuspecting motorists into paying an extra quarter for eachContinue reading “For convenience, $1.00 gives 1 hour”