For convenience, $1.00 gives 1 hour

I live in Arlington, Virginia (USA), which is a pretty nice suburb of Washington, DC. I’d always wondered how they kept the county going with all of the services they provide, knowing how costly running a county is.

Well, now I know.

4 minutes for each nickel, 8 minutes for each dime, 20 minutes for each quarter. For convenience $1.00 gives 1 hour.

Apparently, Arlington County tricks unsuspecting motorists into paying an extra quarter for each hour. Suckers!

It’s funny… I’ve only found these parking meters on parts of Wilson Boulevard, near Whitlow’s on Wilson. The rest of the parking meters appear to be less shady.

Update 2004-05-26: I just thought I’d mention that my wonderful wife, Katrina (who keeps track of everything for me, including my social schedule, overly vast computer hardware collection, and fashion tips), often joins me for half-price burgers on Monday nights at Whitlow’s on Wilson.

2 thoughts on “For convenience, $1.00 gives 1 hour

  1. What a wonderful husband you must be for saying you have such a wonderful wife! She must love you very much.
    Happy Anniversary!


  2. hey.

    like the site. there’s a chance I’ll be in dc july 5th-7th – I’ll make sure to let you know what’s up – would like to see you and vargas before I go.


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