Moved to WordPress

So, after pulling for the little guy, I have finally switched to WordPress.

I’m sorry to the Java folks out there. I really did want to use a Java-based blogging engine. However, Roller simply did not meet my needs:

  • Run on a Cobalt Qube 2
  • Run for more than a week without crapping out

I must admit that I didn’t try too hard to figure out what the problem was with Roller. All I know is setup and configuration sucked (as it often does with Java) and the database connection would simply die and never come back. I had to check the blog every day to see if it was still working.

WordPress seemed to fit the billing and was super-easy to install. Hey, that makes me happy — one less thing I have to deal with myself.

I’m going to try and make all the old links work, not that anyone really gives a crap. Maybe I’ll just redirect all the old-style URLs to the home page. I did enough work writing a SQL script to convert the Roller database into a WordPress-style one.

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