Cure for Calc “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded”

Today, I was working with a colleague to generate a report in CSV format and she was having trouble opening it in’s calc (spreadsheet) program. She was getting the error “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded”, yet the file had only about 2800 rows in it. I tried it and got theContinue reading “Cure for Calc “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded””

Disabling Password-less SSH Connections

I use Ubuntu on a server I use for software development over a VNC session. This is how I learned to do Java software development way back in 2000 at one of my first jobs, and the habit stuck. I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (via a completely straightforward and painless upgrade process, IContinue reading “Disabling Password-less SSH Connections”

Interesting new WWW attack vector

While I suppose that using javascript for evil purposes isn’t exactly a new idea, Bruce Schneier has written a piece (also covered on Slashdot and, I’m sure, other places) about three guys who have developed an attack that royally screw most users’ ability to use their Internet connection again. AJAX, the magic pixie dust usedContinue reading “Interesting new WWW attack vector”