Cure for Calc “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded”

Today, I was working with a colleague to generate a report in CSV format and she was having trouble opening it in’s calc (spreadsheet) program. She was getting the error “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded”, yet the file had only about 2800 rows in it. I tried it and got theContinue reading “Cure for Calc “the maximum number of rows has been exceeded””

Doughnuts! I like Doughnuts!

I’ve been a software developer for quite some time, and at my last job, I was indoctrinated into the practice of buying doughnuts for the development team if one of the developers “broke the build”. For those who don’t know what that means, let me tell you. Any decent software project has a central repositoryContinue reading “Doughnuts! I like Doughnuts!”