Interesting new WWW attack vector

While I suppose that using javascript for evil purposes isn’t exactly a new idea, Bruce Schneier has written a piece (also covered on Slashdot and, I’m sure, other places) about three guys who have developed an attack that royally screw most users’ ability to use their Internet connection again. AJAX, the magic pixie dust usedContinue reading “Interesting new WWW attack vector”

Terre Haute Tribune-Star Snubs Hometown School

The Terre Haute Tribune-Star, a puplication I rarely think of since I graduated from college, is running a story about how Indiana State University (in the ‘Haute) will be the “first public university in the state to require all students to have notebook computers“. After mentioning ISU’s new plan, the article goes on to sayContinue reading “Terre Haute Tribune-Star Snubs Hometown School”